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Cat 6 Network Cable Installation May Be More Affordable than You Had Imagined

There’s no disputing the fact that technology is advancing. The best of technology is able to help businesses prosper, and that is through a cat 6 network cable installation.

Many a business owner is taken aback with the terminology, thinking that it’s going to cost an arm and a leg to overhaul the existing data-cabling infrastructure.

Truth is, it’s more affordable than many would have imagined, given the superior technology, and the benefits it can have to businesses.

The beauty of the inferior cat 6 cabling is that is fully backward compatible with the predecessor, cat 5e.
That means for those who are already on a 5e data network, the upgrade isn’t nearly as expensive as a brand new network installation, as opposed to a cat 3 network. It’s an upgrade to the existing wiring currently powering the communications already in your business.

What the benefits are for upgrading to a cat 6 infrastructure?

As you’ll no doubt know, the advancement of technology is fast paced. Take the things like CCTV security systems, burglar alarms etc.

These are things that many take for granted, but nevertheless, most of them will be hooked into your data network. That will increase the capacity you’re using on your bandwidth.

Moreover, if you’re looking to install a high definition CCTV system, you’re going to need the cabling to enhance the performance, without slowing down your existing network.

That’s where cat 6 cables are far superior to the predecessor infrastructures.

With this network powering your business, you get the enhanced performance across the board:
·         Faster communication
·         Improved quality
·         Less near end cross talk
·         High definition

It’s all made possible as the cat 6 network is able to deliver superior quality data transfer as high as 250 MHz.

The faster rate of data transfer makes it an excellent choice for when you’re relying on your network for long distance communication.

Things like video conferencing and high-speed internet are all at the core of the technology your business uses. With the faster pace of data transfers, combined with the improved sound, due to the minimal NEXT, you’re able to communicate over long distance channels with far superior sound quality.

Whether that’s using a massive switchboard within a large corporation, or a small business teleconferencing across the ocean, receiving an influx of inbound customer calls, cat 6 networks can handle that influx.

Not only that, but they handle a massive influx of multiple tasks thrown at them at once, so no matter how busy your network becomes, it’s not going to affect the quality, or speed of the network.

Earlier networks are prone to slowing down due to a network overload. That can happen when multiple phones are in use, internet running across multiple workstations, management on a video call to other team members, and perhaps being relied on to power an HD CCTV security system.

These are all major aspects that businesses rely on, to ensure superior performance for a variety of tasks:
·         Customer service
·         Security
·         Sales
·         Orders
·         Meetings

Across a magnitude of other aspects that businesses rely on to ensure their success.

The better the technological infrastructure is within the walls of any business, will determine how successful that network is able to handle the heavy load that’s put on it.

If you’re operating a cat 5 or 5e network, it’s going to extremely cost effective to bring the upgraded technology into your business.

Allowing you, your staff, customers, and clientele to get an excellent experience each time they deal with your company.

Increase the data handling capacity of your network

That is the ultimate thing that the cat 6 does for businesses. It’s something that colleges, universities, and schools are benefiting from, due to the huge reliance on superior technology to improve the learning experience.

The same structured cabling technology that’s used in government buildings, to offer the securest of networks, with optimal performance, regardless the capacity of load put on the network, is available to you.

Up until now, business owners have merely settled for the cat 5, or 5e networks. While they are good, they aren’t the best.

For those businesses undergoing expansion of any sort, it may be best to ensure you have the best network cable installation on your premises to ensure your network can handle growth.

The backward compatibility with cat 5 cabling makes it a cost effective and a beneficial upgrade to any business.

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