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Do you have a technical problem? Just ask Mike for cost-free cabling site surveys as well as advice for IT Professionals and Business Owners. I will come to you and carry out a no obligation initial cabling site survey that will help you grasp the possibilities, capabilities, problems and quote for costs associated with installing or improving your data cabling infrastructure. 

Based in Bedford, near London, I can work anywhere in the country. I provide reliable VoIP & data network cabling services, installation of Cat5e/ Cat6 nationwide (from planning to design to installation of various cabling methods).

Small businesses and international companies have their communication needs, and I can provide the solutions for them. I strive to live up to my reputation as one of the most trusted cabling companies. I have years of experience in network system installation that allows us to handle all types of job that includes, VoIP, CCTV, and a lot more. I ensure that our clients receive the best data cabling solutions for their business.

To get a FREE Data Cabling Quotes, Site Survey & Advice Please Complete the Form

A successful business needs to have a reliable phone and network system. Communication must always be opened between the business and customers. This is why companies need to employ the services of a data cabling provider. We ensure that the business have proper cabling infrastructure and make sure your current one is working properly.

When a business contacts me for a free data cabling quote, I determine the type and volume of data traffic the network will have. The bandwidth requirement for each company is unique and this is why I need to determine the amount to provide an accurate quote.

Do you suffer from bufferface? Bandwidth depends on the type of work the company is involved in. A small Ib design company will require more bandwidth than a large law firm. A user uploading an HD video will consume a lot more bandwidth than several lawyers opening emails and sending documents over the network. Estimating the bandwidth is a complex process, and a wrong computation will cost the business more money.

There are several options when it come network cables. Businesses can ask a data cabling specialist to provide a quote using various types of cabling. Fibre option provides the fastest connection and integrates easily with future technology but it is expensive and some businesses are not suited for fibre optic installation. Twisted copper cable is considered the best and cost effective solution for businesses.

But there are some locations that are not suitable for twisted copper cables. Take for instance hospitals, which have Nuclear Magnetic scanners and CAT scanners that can affect the copper wiring due to radio frequency interferences.

There are many cabling companies, but you need to choose an approved network cabling company with a good reputation for a site survey and data cabling quotes. I can install and manage communication solutions that use the latest in technology. I have the experience and knowledge to come up with cost effective solutions to your network cable problems.

Contact us to schedule your free cabling survey and data cabling quote. I will also give advice on how to maximise your present IT network.

To get a FREE Data Cabling Quotes, Site Survey & Advice Please Complete the Form

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