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5 Things A Data Cabling Engineer Can Do For You

When you find your internet running slow, static interference being heard when you’re on the telephone, you’ll call your phone provider and report the fault.

When you do, the data cabling engineer is sent out to investigate. They do more than the network installations, as they’re involved in every aspect of network maintenance.

5 Services a Data Cabling Engineer Provides

      1. Network Cable Installation
This is one of the fields a data cabling engineer is required the most. To get networks installed that will deliver the services needed for the network to operate efficiently.

This is required in all types of buildings, from residential apartment blocks, to schools, government buildings, and every size of business.

Any building that has an outgoing telephone line will have a network installed by a data cabling engineer. 

      2. Testing
Of all the buildings with existing networks, problems can arise at any point. When you find yourself in this situation, your first protocol is usually to call your telephone service provider.

That can either be complete downtime in your network, or interference, resulting in a slow network speed, or distorted communications over the telephone.

To establish where the problem is, it’s a data cabling engineer who will arrive on site, and carry out essential tests on the network to establish the type of network repair that’s required to get your network operational with minimum NEXT (near end cross talk).

3. Patching

Patch panels are required in every network to separate the hard wiring, from the networking equipment being used.

Due to the cabling requirements, for different types of cable, such as cat 5 cabling jobs, cat 5e, cat 6 etc, different patches need to be used for different purposes.

Use the wrong panels, and interference will disrupt the quality and reliability of a network infrastructure.

      4. Trouble Shooting
While a data cabling engineer is able to conduct a number of tests to indentify network problems, it’s not always easy to identify what the exact problem is. The tests are able to identify the problem areas, but the trouble shooting aspect is the area that requires the problem to be rectified.

This needs careful thought though to ensure that the right components are used, for the purpose they’re intended, and aren’t going to cause further problems along the road.

The components used in a network installation, are just as important as the wiring itself.

5. Problem Solving

This is particularly problematic in new network infrastructure designs. The installation needs to reflect existing cabling, and the appropriate category of wiring selected to work with existing frequencies in a building.

An example of that could be a new school building with strip LED lighting, generating radio frequencies that could interfere with the network, by reducing the amount of MHz the network operates on.

In this type of situation, if there were a high degree of near end cross talk distorting the network quality, the problem could be rectified by upgrading the cabling to a Cat 5e, or a Cat 6 network infrastructure.

It’s not always the network itself that causes the problems. Sometimes other electrical components cause interference on the network. 
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