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Why bad network cable handling spells tragedy

Why bad network cable handling spells tragedy

Poor network cable installing can lead to crippled network performance, heightened maintenance, headaches, and money thrown down the drain trying to fix the issues it causes. 

There are many things that can go wrong when running network cables, but we’ll be covering the big disastrous 10: 

  1. Not planning for the future 
  2. Using different cabling for voice & data
  3. Not using management
  4. Parallel running
  5. Not minding distance limitations
  6. Improper cable placement 
  7. Ignoring codes and regulations
  8. Not testing
  9. Not following standards
  10. Not running a cable when you need one 

Find out why this top 10 can be your cable ruin or infrastructure salvation! I’ll be covering each item in detail, with tips and tricks on how to handle implementation, elimination of bad habits and proper cable networking skills!

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