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Mike Belletty discusses smart buildings and getting cabling right first time

Mike Belletty discusses smart buildings and getting cabling right first time

This blog post is in response to a question I received about data cabling for smart buildings. I would like to share my thoughts and the thoughts of the data- cabling community. Okay, here I go!

So is structured network cabling becoming more critical for smart buildings?

The level of sophistication and service, and client benefits demanded in office buildings are much more challenging than a few years ago. Computers, telecoms, and higher broadband speeds have powered technological change at increasing speed, and it's complex and difficult for users and implementers to stay ahead of the curve.

Business have come to expect new features and functions on a regular basis. Building owners, developers, property owners, facilities workers, and IT managers wish to understand how their buildings can supply a safer, healthier, more prolific environment, how they can differentiate and maximize the value of their property, and how they can trim expenses on running costs.

Smart buildings that implement building-automation and structured cabling systems (SCS) have the potential to achieve all these goals.

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Can LANs deliver control functions?

Great enhancements in DDC computing power have promoted the use of traditional LANs, their connected structured cabling, and other information technologies to manage building control functions. With effective information-sharing and high-speed data communications becoming more and more vital to organizations, all networks need a structured cabling infrastructure that can handle all possible applications: a stir of voice, data, video, and control capabilities.

The purpose of an SCS is to provide many logical topologies; quick moves, adds, and changes to cabling infrastructure; and minimal administration costs.

The different control systems in a regular building use a different gauge of cabling. It ranges ranges from unshielded twisted-pair to coaxial and is almost always installed with widely varying system designs. Mainly because of the acceptance of the SCS concept in the VoIP and data market segments, appreciation for the intelligent building approach is growing.

It uses a single, structured cabling network to supply a hassle-free, cost-effective communication infrastructure.

Why do the building automation system industry choose voice/data?

The building automation system industry (BAS) is embracing voice/data technologies and using them to deliver innovative products and services. This merging of technologies paves the way for  integrating BAS into the enterprise information network by utilizing an SCS to handle the building's communications network as well as its other subsystems.

Many smart buildings have already been built around the globe, among them ÉTS (École de Technologie Supérieure), one of Quebec's top engineering institutions. It is one of the most sophisticated intelligent buildings in North America. The building's telecommunications systems (voice, data, and video) and the buildings's control subsystems (heating, air conditioning, ventilation; lighting; fire; security) are all enclosed in an intelligent building cabling system.

This cabling system provides interoperability between all these technologies. It uses low-voltage control communications and consolidates this functionality with the classic communications and connectivity infrastructure employed for telecommunications.

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