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Certified Data Cabling - What You Need to Know

Certified Data Cabling - What You Need to Know

If your network is not cabled properly it is flawed at the most basic level. Be smart, call 07831 890 975 to get your Cat5e/6 cable certified

When it comes to installing cable, many electricians simply do not have the correct equipment or right skills to properly test and install data cables. 

Many electricians are only taught specific electrical standards and methodologies, and might not be adequately taught about differences in network cabling or types of network topologies. This is why it can be beneficial to hire network technicians in addition to an electrician. 

The network equipment that is used to verify cabling is properly certified can be expensive and electricians often forego buying such equipment because they do not think it is worth the cost. For example, Fluke cable testers that can guarantee cable system compliance to industry standards can cost in the tens of thousands of pounds. 

While building owners may think that certification is an expensive undertaking, it is certainly less expensive than it would be to have to repair your network cabling infrastructure if you have inferior cabling

Being smart about your cabling will save you time, money, and unwanted stress. We can terminate, install and certify data and voice cabling. Just call Mike on 07831 890 975 for quality advice.
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